Touristy day in Copenhagen :)

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This weekend it was so sunny in Copenhagen that it would be considered a crime not to take advantage of it.:) Sunny and warm days are rare in Copenhagen during winter so when the spring comes we are all more than excited to enjoy some sunshine and nice weather and everything else gets put on hold.:)

I am probably one of the rare Copenhageners not owing a bike. This is due to the fact that my previous bike got stolen and I still haven’t gotten myself around to buy a new one.:( Since the day was perfect for going for a bike ride we decided to rent a gobike and be a tourist in our own city for a day. We finally got to try out the new bridge that was built for cyclist. It is super cool.:)

I was also so happy that I finally got a chance to wear my new leather jacket that is absolutely stunning.

It was such a perfect Saturday that we ended with an amazing dinner and a night out. Now we are off to an experimental dinner where we will be something like guinea pigs for a new restaurant that is opening up. Super exciting.:)

Hope you all enjoyed weekend as well.

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A day of pure indulgence at Wynn Las Vegas

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This time around when we were in Las Vegas we went to check out Wynn hotel. I have to say we mainly decided to go there because of the shops they had and expected the hotel to be along the lines of any other hotel in Las Vegas but it has totally taken us by surprise. It was so cool that we changed our plans for that day and decided to spend a whole day at this incredible hotel.

Wynn hotel is one of the best ones I have ever been to. It has such an amazing interior, bars, cafes, garden and shops. Spending a whole day in Wynn was very easy.:) We enjoyed sun in their garden while sipping on some fun cocktails and red-velvet shots and afterwards we indulged in one of the best Thai restaurants. Of course we took advantage of the shops and treated ourselves to little something.:) It was my birthday trip after all.:)

Since during our stay in Las Vegas the weather wasn’t so warm I opted for a pair of leather pants that I paired with a pale pink shirt in order to give the look a bit of a softer edge. A special touch to my outfit were my new boots that were birthday gift from my lovely hubby. They were on my wishlist so when I saw them I literally screamed. I’m absolutely loving them and they are my go to shoes ever since I got them. They are so cool and edgy while being super comfy.:)

Hope you will enjoy the photos and if you are in Las Vegas a visit to Wynn is definitely a must.

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Celebration time at Höst :)

Celebration time at Höst :)

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Cheers to 2014 – the best year ever!

Cheers to 2014 – the best year ever!

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