Uformel night

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One of the things that is definitely a must is discovering new places around Copenhagen. When my friend suggested going to Uformel for dinner I was of course more than thrilled to try it out. One night during summer, I put on my favorite shoes, we all have glammed up and went to try a new place. 🙂

Uformel is a bit more informal version of Formel B restaurant or as they describe – Uformel is cool and edgy younger brother. 🙂

The dining experience was nice. Lots of nice small dishes that had special taste. The interior was quite beautiful and fit the place well. The place had some cool vibe around it and it was perfect for a Saturday night.

Here are some photos that I took to document what I have just written but small warning you might get hungry. 🙂

6tag_040715-210920 (800x800)

WP_20150704_21_01_08_Pro (450x800)WP_20150704_21_22_09_Pro (800x450) WP_20150704_21_29_09_Pro (450x800) WP_20150704_21_35_57_Pro (800x450) WP_20150704_21_41_28_Pro (800x450) WP_20150704_21_47_06_Pro (800x450) WP_20150704_21_56_59_Pro (800x450) WP_20150704_21_57_44_Pro (800x450) WP_20150704_21_57_59_Pro (800x450) WP_20150704_22_20_56_Pro (800x450) WP_20150704_22_21_11_Pro (800x450) WP_20150704_23_04_23_Pro (800x450) WP_20150704_23_37_09_Pro (450x800) WP_20150704_23_07_56_Pro (450x800) WP_20150704_23_37_31_Pro (450x800) WP_20150704_21_17_22_Pro (450x800)

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