Zoo-licious :)

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Every weekend we try to explore more the city where we live as well as enjoy it to the fullest  🙂 So one of the weekends we spent in a Copenhagen Zoo. It was such an amazing experience. The day was gorgeous, sunny, warm, without the wind which is quite rare in Copenhagen 🙂

I forgot how relaxing and re-energizing it is to spend a day surrounded by animals. Copenhagen Zoo is a very nice place both for people and animals. All animals in the zoo look super happy and playful, it seems that they are really enjoying their time there. They have big space to just run around and play. It was so fun to see rhinos running around chasing each other. 🙂

The rest of the day we spent biking around the city. We also got to bike over the new biking bridge in Copenhagen that is quite exquisite. 🙂

This is def a great&fun way to spend a weekend. 🙂

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