Brunch time at Nimb

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Birthday celebration for my best friend was going on for a few days. 🙂 No wonder we needed some time to recover afterwards. 🙂 We did a lot of things as a part of the celebration and one of them was brunch time at our favorite restaurant Nimb. There are many places we like to go to in Copenhagen but Nimb has a special place in our hearts. For a while we wanted to try their Bloody Mary brunch and there couldn’t have been a better occasion than my Bestie’s birthday.

We glammed up and headed to a birthday brunch. As every time Nimb hasn’t disappointed this time either. 🙂 The brunch was so delicious and they were serious when they said that they have many many versions of Bloody Mary on the menu. 🙂 We tried some and they were quite delicious. They definitely managed to put a fun spin on Bloody Mary.

If ever in Copenhagen Nimb is definitely a must. 🙂

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