Road tripping in Serbia

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As I wrote before, our last trip to Serbia was all about road trip and visiting family. One of the days was booked for a visit to my grandparents that live on a Zlatibor mountain. The day when we visited them was a day when they had a big celebration in the honor of the Saint of the household. In Serbia a Saint day is a huge thing. It is a day when all family and friends come together and enjoy each others company while indulging in some very delicious food. My grandparents moved to the countryside after living in the city for many years and I have to say that when I see what country life has done for them I’m definitely playing with a thought of doing the same once when I retire.

We also stopped along the way to check out some very cool places that are definitely worth visiting if you are ever in this part of Europe. I could recommend road tripping around Serbia,Bajina Basta area together with Tara and Zlatibor mountains. The sights are amazing and the nature is just breathtaking.

Enjoy!  🙂

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