Breathtaking Tara mountain

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This summer was booked for some quality time with our family. It doesn’t happen often that there is time to go for a road trip and get a chance to visit family that doesn’t live in Belgrade but we made it happen this year. We went on a road trip with our sisters to visit family and we had the best time ever. It is always so nice to get reunited with your loved ones. There was so much love, laughter, happiness and indulgence that we can def say that we recharged our batteries.

One of the days was booked for a trip to a beautiful Tara mountain that was also recently a movie set for a horror movie The Forest . The movie is supposedly happening in Japanese forest. 🙂 How cool it that? 🙂

We went for a hike, visited a breathtaking viewpoint and ended a day by taking a dip in Perucac lake. My sister and I forgot swimming suits so we had to get new ones when we got there. We thought that it would be so cool to get the matching ones. 🙂

Hope this photos would convince you that this part of Europe is definitely worth visiting. The nature is intact with breathtaking sights.


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