Exploring Gozo and Blue Lagoon

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After we have completely explored area where we were staying it was time to get to see other parts. We booked a boat tour to Gozo and Blue Lagoon. Gozo is an island next to Malta. The tour started at 10am and it went on for a whole day. We sailed all the way to the Gozo, explored Gozo in what was one of the most adventurous bus rides ever. 🙂 Gozo is very charming and it feels like smaller version of Valletta. The day was super scorching hot so we decided to go for a shade at the top of a Citadella and enjoy some fresh pressed juice. After exploring Gozo it was time to go to Blue Lagoon. This is a breathtaking, mesmerizing area with a clear blue water that is so inviting and it makes you wanna jump in straight from the boat.


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