Welcome to Malta :)

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This summer was booked for a trip to Malta. Our friends were getting married on this charming island and there couldn’t have been a better reason for us to get on the plane and head there. As summer skipped Denmark this year it was also nice to visit warmer parts of planet Earth for a change.:)

Our stay at Malta was impeccable, better than we could ever hoped for. We got to see friends that we didn’t see for a very long time, got to enjoy sun, heat and delicious food, celebrated our friends getting married and above all experience hospitality of Maltese people.

Since I can’t express enough how cool our trip was I will let you enjoy the photos from our first day, when we were a bit too tired for anything else than just walk around and explore the area where we were staying. Our flight was at very strange hours so by the time we landed we went almost 24 hours without sleep. 🙂 But we forgot all about it once when we got to the apartment that we were renting, that was more than perfect but more about it later. 🙂 I guess it also goes without saying that I was too excited to put some summer clothes on and finally get to wear the latest addition to my shoes collection.:)

Enjoy! 🙂

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