Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas downtown :)

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Las Vegas downtown is always a must for me when I’m in this city. It is so nice and charming with some cool old-time vibe that just makes me fall in love with it over and over again. 🙂

During our last visit to Las Vegas we of course had to take a walk around this charming part of Las Vegas where it all has begun. It is so cool that you can feel that this was the birthplace to what Las Vegas stands for on every corner.

We took the walk down the main street and stopped by some interesting buildings and cool street art. I also took an advantage of being surrounded by a cool street art to take a few photos of my outfit. Since I knew that the downtown would be quite colorful and happening I decided to keep my outfit monochrome with a pop of color, and in this case I opted for it to be a lipstick.

Hope you will enjoy it and remember to pay a visit to this part of Las Vegas if you find yourself visiting the Sin City.:)

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