Gondola ride

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Of course that we couldn’t have left Venice without going on a gondola ride. To be honest we decided to do it in absolutely last possible moment a night before we were supposed to go back. We rushed to the gondola guys and were glad that they were still driving. Actually it turned out that it was a good timing since it was a sunset and it wasn’t that scorching hot anymore but it was quite pleasant and enjoyable. I have to admit I thought that the gondola ride would be much more cheesy than it was and I wanted to do it just because we can tick that off as well.

It was so nice to get to experience Venice from a different perspective while being on the water. No wonder it is a must do thing for everyone who visits this charming town. I totally recommend it. It is definitely money well spent.

After the gondola ride we decided to spend the rest of the night enjoying the waterfront view. We opted for the touristy trap place since that one was next to the canal but we were kicked out since we dinner was mandatory and we were too full to eat. This was def the best thing that could have happened to us at that moment since we started wondering around and actually got to the place near Rialto bridge where all the locals were hanging out. We managed to get to experience the true Venetian night life locals way which meant getting a glass of wine at the bar and standing outside the bar and just chatting up with people or taking the drinks to go and go to the pier to sit and enjoy the view. You can also get cicchettii which is a sort of Venetian tapas.


We def couldn’t have ended our trip in a better way. We had absolutely magical evening and more than we hoped for. And in the morning it was time to go back to Milan. 🙂

Since we were going on a gondola ride I opted for a bit more romantic look that I spiced up with my new favorite shoes. 🙂

Enjoy and remember always to look pass the touristy places because true treasures are usually hidden.

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