Charming Venice

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For years I have been planning to visit Venice. It has been on my must visit list ever since I started thinking about traveling. And it has finally happened. After 2 days in Milan it was time for Venice.

What can I say? 🙂 It was everything I thought it would be, nice, cozy, different, with beautiful old architecture, lots of small streets…

The first day was booked for a walk around the town, sightseeing, drinks on the main square, dinner over the water and of course a bit of gelato.

We saw this amazing restaurant while walking around and decided to go there for a dinner. We were on a search for a place that was over the water and that matched my shirt with its flowers and finally we found it.  🙂 But we didn’t know how to approach it. So after walking around for a bit and getting lost few times, which is Venice charm – there it was, located in the Westin hotels and resorts, a perfect place for a dinner date.

The dinner was simply amazing. We chose selection of Venetian fish and it was extremely tasty. If you are in Venice and wondering where to go out for a very special dinner I totally recommend this place. It is so worth it, the location, the food, the service everything is perfect.

Since we were in Venice I got inspired to wear something a bit girly and romantic with a bit of rockish twist to it. I was so glad to finally get to wear my skirt and shirt that I got some time ago but since summer hasn’t come to Denmark yet I didn’t get a chance to wear it. 🙂


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