Expo 2015 Milan

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My second day in Milan was booked for a visit to one of the most fascinating events I have ever visited – Expo 2015. This is an universal exhibition that is being hosted by different countries every time and this year host is Milan. The theme chosen for this time is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The idea is how technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity can be put together towards the same goal & how they relate to food and diet.

It was absolutely amazing to see how the world has come together for the same cause. Every country has come with an absolutely unique way of presenting itself and its take on how we can help our future. It was interesting to learn more about countries that I didn’t know so much about before, such as Azerbaijan, Yemen, Chile… and the list continues. After this visit the world felt smaller and united towards the same goal which was so fascinating to experience.

This day was truly eventful. Not only did I get to learn more about different countries, taste amazing food, but I was also asked to give an interview for their magazine and I was offered a free hannah tattoo. I went to get a small one on my finger but the ladies from Yemen got inspired and wanted to do a big tattoo all over my back. It was such a fun experience especially since everyone came to watch this art being created.

If you are planning a visit to Milan this year make sure to check out Expo. It is open until the end of October. It is definitely worth it and it will leave you speechless to see what we as world can do when we come together.

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