Santa Monica Pier at Sunset

WP_20141110_16_07_15_Pro (800x451)

I still have some photos to share from our last trip to US. 🙂 This time it is all about one of the nicest sunsets at Santa Monica Pier. This was the first time we got around to visit this beautiful place. It was such a lovely, sunny day and we timed it perfectly quite by accident so we were able to enjoy the sunset.:) We ended the night at Ivy at the shore and it was such a wonderful dining experience. The restaurant is decorated nicely with lots of flowers and the food is very tasty. The biggest surprise of the night was when they brought me a cake with fireworks for my birthday and also a box of chocolate chip cookies as a bday gift. It was so cute and they made me feel special. They def know how to take good care of their customers. 🙂


WP_20141110_16_02_10_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_03_56_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_04_51_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_06_13_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_08_43_Pro (800x451) WP_20141110_16_08_04_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_09_35_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_23_58_Pro (800x451) WP_20141110_16_26_57_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_29_09_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_29_53_Pro (800x451) WP_20141110_16_30_37_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_43_41_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_42_02_Pro (800x451) WP_20141110_16_44_04_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_46_36_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_16_53_01_Pro (800x451) WP_20141110_17_00_05_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_17_04_59_Pro (800x451) WP_20141110_17_46_49_Pro (800x451) WP_20141110_18_07_47_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_18_08_23_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_18_24_58_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_18_26_28_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_18_25_54_Pro (451x800) WP_20141110_18_27_45_Pro (451x800)

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