Breakfast with Goofy :)

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We couldn’t leave Disneyland without dining with Goofy and the crew.:) So on our last morning in Disneyland was booked for a breakfast with Goofy and the crew. I was again the biggest child of all the kids.:) I was so excited and loved getting to meet and greet Goofy and the crew in person. They are just so charming and adorable.

Visiting Disneyland is always great idea in my books. Except from the fact that you get to do all the fun things, meet&greet the characters, you can also dress appropriately.:) In my case it meant going with one of my fav t-shirts and a new Minnie Mouse hairband that I ab love and actually wear on a regular day when going to work too.:)

Enjoy the photos and make sure that if ever in a city that has Disneyland pay it a visit since it is totally worth it.:)

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