Warner Bros – a place where movie magic happens :)

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Last night we went to see Avengers which I highly recommend. We saw the movie in Imax and it was just incredible experience, the sound, the picture, the special effects, everything. We couldn’t stop talking about it for hours afterwards.

Watching the movie reminded me of a time when we visited the Warner Bros Studios, a place where most of movie magic happens. Last time when we were in LA we couldn’t skip visiting this awesome place. It was super cool to get to hear and see in person how the big movies and TV shows are made. To walk down the streets of NY where Friends were filmed which is in the middle of LA and experience all the other crazy things. 🙂 Needless to say it totally changed our perspective of watching the movies and TV shows. Now we are constantly looking to recognize some of the tricks that they use and that we learned about during the visit. 🙂

We also got to see Batman props and costumes as well as Harry Potter but the biggest impression on me had a visit to the most famous cafe ever – Central Perk. I am a huge Friends fan and we keep going back to watching it over and over again, so sitting on the most famous couch was like dream coming true. I couldn’t believe it happened.:)

If you are also a big movie fan or just interested in how the TV shows and movies are made I highly recommend going on a WB tour when in LA. It is totally unique experience.:)

I tried to match my outfit so I got what I thought were the most appropriate loafers and top with stars and it was super fun when the staff at WB picked up on it.:)

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