Cozy Reykjavik

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We ended out tour of Iceland by visiting its capital Reykjavik. After almost a week in wilderness it was a nice change to come to a place with shops and restaurants.:) Reykjavik is such a nice and cozy town with lots of amazing restaurants, cafes and bars and very warm and welcoming people. Our visit to Reykjavik was based on walking up and down the charming streets of this cozy town and also visiting some cool places on the way. We also got to see the church that is a landmark of this town as well as the waterfront area that is up and coming.:)

If ever in Reykjavik I recommend to stop by a very relaxing and welcoming cafe Babalu. This cafe has such a nice vibe and the interior is simply too cute to pass on. I couldn’t help but take so many photos. As a huge Star Wars fan I was so thrilled when I saw that their washroom is decorated with my favorite characters.:)

A place that is absolutely a must-visit place in Reykjavik is Slippbarrin. This is a bar and a restaurant in Icelandair hotel. So far I have visited quite a few cocktails places and restaurants around the world but this place was by far one of the best ones. The cocktails were so tasty and innovative with things that I have not tried before since they make their own mixes. The stuff is extremely polite and friendly and they will go out of their way to make you a drink that will satisfy your taste buds even if you are very picky as I can be from time to time.:) Their flatbread with avocado and lettuce is simply a must as well as Judas Hobo drink, that is served in a plastic bag and a crazy Icelandic.:) On top of having the best cocktails and the food the place has such a fun an quirky interior as well. It is wort going to Iceland just to experience this place. 🙂

We ended a night with a dinner at a very cool K-bar, a Korean restaurant with a bit of a twist. The food was so good and we even got to try the cronut, which is sooooooo yummy.:)

Hope you will enjoy the last part of my Icelandic adventure.:)

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