Golden Circle

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Our trip to Iceland is unfortunately coming to its end slowly but surely.:( We had the most amazing time ever, def more than we could ever hope for. This country surprised us in more ways than one.:)

Yesterday was scheduled for driving from the south of Iceland back to civilization aka Reykjavik. 🙂 We decided to visit the Golden Circle since it was on its way. Even though it was super windy and rainy, the things that I am sure you will be able to spot on the photos, we had such a great time, visiting the volcano crater, geothermal water springs, waterfalls, and the national park where you can see the Eurasian and Northern American tectonic plates splitting apart. 🙂

We ended a day in the only way we thought was appropriate, given that we spent almost a week in wilderness, by indulging ourselves in great food and drinks. We went to the Kol restaurant that was such a fantastic experience, we had some amazing cocktails and great food and more than anything we were taken aback by a fantastic interior design. Everything in this place is done to perfection and I couldn’t help but snap a few photos of it. 🙂

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