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Today we went on an ice-walk on the glacier. Not until we approached the glacier did we know whether or not we would be able to do the walk due to the wind. The wind was so strong that I will never again complain about wind in Denmark.:)

It was definitely unique experience walking on the massive amount of ice and also quite avanturistic since the ice is covered with snow and it is not always so visible where the ice stops and where the cracks begin. And as our tour guide explain to us if you fall through one of those cracks you pretty much end in the ice cold water and you have one minute tops. This was quite calming info while you are hardly trying to maintain your balance on top of the glacier while wind is blowing you off.:)

Here are some of the photos from one more adventurous day in Iceland. It was super windy so it was really hard to take photos but we tried.:)

If you ever feel like doing the ice-walk while in Iceland I highly recommend Arcanum. They were great and brought us back safe and sound.:)

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