Exploring Iceland

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Today we spent a day driving down the south coast of Iceland. The scenery was simply breathtaking. Everything is covered in snow and the sky is light blue so it looks heavenly. We made few stops along the way to enjoy some of the nice view points and we went for a lunch at one amazing see-food restaurant called Red House when translated to English. It was definitely the best lobster I have ever had. The interesting thing is that the restaurant was founded by a lady who moved from Copenhagen to this small town in the south of Iceland. As a person who moved to Copenhagen and live there now I found this very amusing.

The next part of our visit to Iceland we are spending in one small town on the south in a cottage house that we rented through Airbnb. The cottage is so nice and cozy, absolutely perfect that I couldn’t help but take few photos. We even have a hot tub outside and amazing view of the volcano. This trip is just constantly getting better and better and tomorrow we are off to exploring volcanoes. 🙂

Of course that we couldn’t leave Blue Lagoon this morning without taking some more photos in the private lagoon during the day light just to prove my point again that heaven probably looks like this.:)

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