Magical Sedona

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Sedona – there are literally no words good enough to describe this place. It is absolutely magical and like nothing I have ever seen before. They even have a saying in Sedona that God created Grand Canyon but he or she choose to live in Sedona. 🙂

We have visited this magical place during our latest trip to US. Even though we hardly managed to fit in visit to this place since it required a big de-tour from our route and many hours of driving it was absolutely worth it. We stayed a day and a half, just enough to completely fall in love with Sedona and decide that we definitely have to come again for longer. During our visit we chose to stay in a wonderful resort –  Enchantment. They def chose the right name for the resort since it absolutely enchanting. It has everything you could possible think of and it is a perfect oasis of peace. We had a wonderful room with a fireplace and champagne and strawberries covered in chocolate were waiting for us upon our arrival.  It also has the best apples I have ever tried.  There is even a bear who can testify to it since he is coming over everyday to eat the apples.:) It was such a funny story. A bear from the nearby woods got totally hooked up on the apples from this hotel’s apple farm since they are so good.:)

Here are some photos to try to help me describe this magical place.

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