A view from above – Stratosphere Las Vegas

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One of the days in Las Vegas we decided to take a break from checking out all the fun things it has to offer and be a bit more active. So we decided to go for a walk. Our final destination was Stratosphere. Hotel with the biggest tower in Las Vegas from where you can see whole Las Vegas and actually see how vast and big it is. While staying at the hotel and the main street one can get a feeling that Las Vegas is pretty much the main street with many hotels but then you get up there and see its actually size. 🙂

The walk was fun and long. It was interesting to see how after the main part of the street where most of the hotels are the rest is kinda a bit abandoned, mostly with parking lots, things under construction and hotels that are decaying.

On our way to Stratosphere we visited Sahara Las Vegas, a new hotel that opened quite recently and which is super cool and geared towards the younger audience.

Stratosphere was interesting. It was fun to be so high up in the sky and see Las Vegas from the bird’s view.:) They also have some crazy ride that you can take from the roof-top so that you are hanging up in the air but after partying whole night we didn’t feel that adventurous.:) They also have the biggest free fall experience in Las Vegas.

It was definitely nice way to spend the day and see part of Las Vegas that is not so buzzing.

I decided to wear something that I thought was appropriate for sightseeing this city from above – Las Vegas tee with a sparkly skirt, my all time favorite sneakers and my new sunnies.:)

Hope you will enjoy this take on Las Vegas!

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