Palm Springs desert – a true adventure

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During our short stay in Palm Springs we managed to get ourselves on a tour to explore the desert.  As our whole Palm Springs experience this one also wasn’t booked in advance and was done totally ad hoc since we got the idea when we woke up.  🙂

It was one of the best daily trips I have ever been on. It was so adventurous. We were driving in a jeep over the sand dunes and went to visit an oasis. Interesting thing is that the palms that grow here are totally unique for this area. We also got a chance to see a replica of an Indian village from back in the days. We ended our adventure by taking a walk among the rock mountains. That was the most adventurous part since we had to go through such narrow cracks in between the rocks. Truly unique. This area was also used for many different photo shoots due to its unique features.

If ever in Palm Springs I highly recommend going on a Desert Adventures tour. It is definitely a must.

Since the temperatures in desert can vary a lot, I decided to wear something that would be appropriate for warm as well as cold weather. I also couldn’t help but be inspired by the color of the vehicle we were on and matched my outfit to it.:)



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