Charming Palm Springs

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When we planned our trip to US we didn’t plan what we would be doing between Disneyland and Las Vegas. We had 2 days before we had to get to Las Vegas and we decided to just be spontaneous and wing it. We were thinking of maybe going to San Diego but after talking to a sales assistant in one of the shops we decided to go to Palm Springs. It was on the way and it seemed along the lines what we were in the mood for. We didn’t know what to expect and we were nicely surprised. The visit to Palm Springs was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. We didn’t know where to stay but we were told that everyone who hasn’t planned it in advance stays at Hard Rock which was perfectly located on the main street in the middle of everything.

We happened to be at Palm Springs during Halloween. Halloween in US is always the best experience. Everyone is dressed up, from the sales assistants to people working at the cafes and restaurants and people go all out. It was fortunate that Hard Rock hotel had the Halloween party with 5 stages and we of course took advantage of it. 🙂 We put our outfits together and joined the party. This Halloween Devil wore red soles.:)

Palm Springs is such a nice and relaxing place with many cute cafes and restaurants and a very laid back vibe. 🙂


These are some photos of our 2 day stay in this charming town that I would highly recommend.:)


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WP_20141031_09_34_15_Pro (800x451) WP_20141031_09_38_06_Pro (451x800) WP_20141031_09_37_24_Pro (451x800)

WP_20141031_09_44_59_Pro (451x800) WP_20141031_09_48_17_Pro (451x800) WP_20141031_09_48_29_Pro (451x800)WP_20141031_22_02_41_Pro (451x800) WP_20141031_22_04_39_Pro (451x800) WP_20141031_22_04_24_Pro (800x451) WP_20141031_22_05_58_Pro (451x800) WP_20141031_22_14_09_Pro (451x800) WP_20141031_22_19_28_Pro (451x800) WP_20141031_22_21_40_Pro (451x800) WP_20141031_22_15_56_Pro (451x800)WP_20141101_11_47_08_Pro (450x800) WP_20141101_11_42_51_Pro (450x800) WP_20141101_11_43_51_Pro (450x800) WP_20141101_11_45_49_Pro (450x800) WP_20141101_11_48_35_Pro (450x800)


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