Celebration time at Höst :)

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Last weekend was all about celebration. There were few special things that required proper celebration time. I finally got my permanent residence permit.  This meant a world to me since I absolutely love living in Denmark and just thought of having to move sounded like the worst possible nightmare but luckily that is something I don’t need to worry about it anymore. 🙂 Such a huge relief.

The permit came in a perfect time since it was also 9 year anniversary since I started dating my husband and since my life changed forever. Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that I managed to find such an amazing, good-hearted and super smart person as he is. Thank you for 9 wonderful years that went by so quickly!

We are always on a hunt to try out some new cool places. Even though Höst restaurant was around for a while now we didn’t get around to try it out so this was a perfect occasion to visit it. I have to say that by this point we have been to quite a few restaurants but this one definitely made an impression. The interior is done in a rural Scandinavian style and it has like a small garden inside. There is no wonder why it won many design awards. Apart from the interior that is simple but yet so powerful the food is just out of this world. We order 3 course menu but were very surprised when it actually turned into 8 course menu since they serve many in between dished. This restaurant is definitely a must-try. It was a perfect place to celebrate all important things that happened last week.

Here are some photos that we took during the dinner! Hope you will enjoy and decide to pay a visit to this exquisite restaurant.

WP_20150201_18_44_44_Pro (800x451)WP_20150201_18_47_28_Pro (451x800) WP_20150201_18_39_52_Pro (800x451) WP_20150201_18_55_12_Pro (800x451) (800x451) WP_20150201_18_51_40_Pro (800x451) WP_20150201_19_30_54_Pro (451x800) WP_20150201_19_08_45_Pro (800x414) WP_20150201_19_25_24_Pro (800x451) WP_20150201_18_48_06_Pro (451x800) WP_20150201_19_38_11_Pro (800x451) WP_20150201_20_09_53_Pro (800x451) WP_20150201_20_56_26_Pro (451x800) WP_20150201_20_53_31_Pro (451x800) WP_20150201_20_52_56_Pro (451x800)

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