Princess like tea party :)

WP_20141224_13_51_49_Pro (800x451)

During the holiday  season I got to do many things but one that I absolutely loved the most and can’t wait to make a tradition is High tea.:) Like most girls when growing up I liked to play dress up, be a princess and throw tea parties.:) So you can just imagine my excitement when I got to do a princess like tea party in real-life. 🙂 It was absolutely amazing, the setting, the tea and the company. It was so cozy to sit and sip on the tea while tasting the different salty and sweet treats next to the fireplace in a ballroom kinda room.:) I tried to match the outfit with the festive ambience of the wonderful hotel Nimb. So I opted for the silver skirt and a warm and cozy sweater. My skirt definitely contributed to me feeling even more like a princess throwing a tea party. 🙂

Hope you will enjoy the photos and if you ever need a new thing to try, especially with your girlfriends, I highly recommend High tea at Nimb. It is certainly unique experience!:)

WP_20141224_13_30_36_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_13_24_08_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_13_29_36_Pro (800x451) WP_20141224_13_28_28_Pro (800x451) WP_20141224_13_29_01_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_13_33_20_Pro (800x451) WP_20141224_13_23_36_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_13_28_38_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_13_27_34_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_13_51_06_Pro (800x451)

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