Magic of Holidays

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As most of the people I am also crazy about the holidays. I absolutely love the cozy vibe that is in the air and the holiday spirit. The holiday season is so magical that I always have a feeeling like living in a  fairytale. This year I decided to spend Christmas Eve in what is according to me the best&most magical hotel in Copenhagen-Nimb. It was literally like in a fairytale. I felt like a princess having dinner while overlooking magically decorated Tivoli.:)

I heartly recommend paying a visit to this hotel. They have an amazing restaurant and a great bar. The atmosphere is always superb.

For this special occasion I chose a dress that totally made me feel like a prom Queen. I added some of my favorite accessories and I added a splash of color with red soles.

Hope you will enjoy the photos and the amazing thing about Nimb is that it is completely magical all year round so don’t miss to visit it.:)

WP_20141224_17_56_51_Pro (451x800)

WP_20141224_17_55_35_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_17_56_03_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_17_56_27_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_17_57_05_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_17_57_19_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_17_57_53_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_17_59_17_Pro (451x800)

WP_20141224_18_00_53_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_18_00_23_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_18_09_59_Pro (451x800) WP_20141224_19_11_48_Pro (800x451) WP_20141224_18_11_46_Pro (451x800)



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