Ready, steady, run!

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This post is not gonna be about fancy fashion nor places I visited. This post is dedicated to my new self, the one who proved old me wrong, the one who could have never thought that she would be able to wake up every morning at 6 and go for a run, or go swimming for 3 km or go spinning. Also my old self never have believed that she would be interested in taking a part in a run.:) But people change and that is a beauty of life.:)

This summer I did a lot of cool new things, but one thing that I was especially excited about and that I am definitely gonna do again next year was the Aarstiderne run. I do run, swim or go spinning on daily basis but what I have never done before was take part in an organized run so I decided to give it a try.:) I have to admit that the night before the run I could hardly sleep since I couldn’t stop thinking how it would be to run with all those people, if I’m gonna trip or bump into someone. But the moment the run started it was an incredible feeling and one of the best experiences ever. We ran through the forest which also helped in making it an amazing experience.

Here you can see some of the photos from one of the days I cherish the most when it comes to summer 2014. I definitely can’t wait to do it next year.

My recommendation to all of you who are into running or any sports, consider taking a part in some organized activity if you haven’t tried it already. It is definitely worth it.

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