McDonald’s fun

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A week ago I was on a short visit to my hometown – Belgrade and I couldn’t help but take photos at what used to be my favorite restaurant while growing up – McDonald’s. I know that it sounds totally crazy and unbelievable but it is true. 🙂 It used to be a place that I went for a second date with my future hubby, a place that my friends and I would go during the break at Uni or after the movies. It is also important to mention that during the 90’s there weren’t many foreign chain restaurants or any foreign restaurants for that matter in Serbia and McDonald’s as the rare one got this reputation of something super special. You can just imagine how surprised I was to discover that people outside of Serbia don’t consider McDonald’s for a fancy place where you go out with your friends.:)

Well I have to admit that I can’t remember when was the last time I ate in McDonald’s since living in Denmark also influenced my view on it.:) But when I saw this dress I just simply had to get it since it reminds me of an era in my life. That’s why there was not a better place to shoot this outfit than McDonald’s in Belgrade.

My sister and I went for some McDonald’s fun as back in the days and I got to order my all time favorite – Happy Meal. I absolutely love the surprise factor that goes with it. I also have to say that my sister had to suffer through eating it all since Denmark totally changed me in that regard and I didn’t feel like it. 🙂

This was definitely a super fun day with my sister that felt like traveling back in time when we were small and when we were overwhelmed with joy when our parents would tell us that we were going to McDonald’s.:)



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