Holding onto the summer with Mr.Pineapple


WP_20140716_11_42_55_Pro (450x800)

We were really lucky with the weather in Denmark this year. Summer was def the warmest one ever since I moved here and now the September is being also very nice to us.:) Since something tells me that this is not gonna last for much longer, after all we are up North so we can’t expect miracles, I’m trying to get the best out of this weather and still wear some of my favorite summer items before I pack them for this year.

This time around I decided to wear my new white pants that I wanted to for so long and finally found a perfect pair. Just there is one downside. They don’t stay clean for longer than one day. I’m kinda talented like that to spill something on them soon after I get dressed.:) I paired them with my absolutely favorite t-shirt this summer that I got from my Bestie- Mr.Pineapple as I call him. My favorite fruit on the t-shirt wearing cool sunglasses. It def doesn’t get better than that.

Hope you will enjoy my take on the Indian summer!

WP_20140716_11_39_49_Pro (450x800) WP_20140716_11_40_23_Pro (450x800) WP_20140716_11_41_35_Pro (450x800) WP_20140716_11_42_30_Pro (450x800) WP_20140716_11_39_56_Pro (450x800) WP_20140716_11_43_06_Pro (800x450) WP_20140716_11_44_24_Pro (800x450) WP_20140716_11_43_17_Pro (450x800) WP_20140716_11_43_57_Pro (800x450)

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