Kisses from St. Tropez

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Here is a post about what is the most relaxing place for me – St.Tropez. There is something about Saint Tropez that keeps me going back to it over and over again, year after year. I’m just so in love with the scenery, the vibe this place has and not to mention that the sea is the best one I have ever swam in.

This is the place that definitely makes me forget about everything and every time those 4-5 days that I spend there totally recharge me for the rest of the year. With the phone turned off, no internet connection for the most of the time I can just focus on enjoying the long walks, beautiful scenery, lounging on the beach, chillaxing at my favorite cafes and restaurants as well as discovering some new ones.

For a day of pure indulgence in everything this place has to offer I decided to go with an outfit of a more relaxed vibe and my new t-shirt that I absolutely love was a perfect choice.

Hope you will enjoy my take on this charming little town in the South of France.:)

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