Happy days ahead :)

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My bday is less than 2 months away and for me that means that I have already started planning it out. If there is one thing I’m crazy and super excited about, it’s birthdays. I simply love mine but also the birthdays of my friends and family. I am always trying to make that day a very special one for everyone. So no wonder that this time around when my big one is just around the corner I am more than super excited and already have everything planned out – well most of it. I am also hoping that I will get surprised by some things along the way.:)

In the spirit of a huge celebration that is gonna happen in less than 2 months on the other end of the world – I will be flying to Las Vegas and Los Angeles to have a proper celebration – I have decided that it was the right time to treat myself to something super special now when I am entering a new decade in my life. So I got my hands on the most amazing, the most beautiful bag I have ever seen and touched. I was so excited when I got it that I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Even though it is a bit of a splurge I truly believe that it is so worth it since it made me so super ecstatic and def made my bday even more special.

I am happy to introduce to you what I call my baby boy.:)

I absolutely love long skirts and I thought that this one will be perfect to accompany the bag. It made for a very cool outfit for strolling down the cute little streets of charming Saint Tropez town.



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