Iron Girl kinda day :)

WP_20140202_13_11_57_Pro (450x800)

I took these photos a bit more than a month ago but I never got around to post them. Since it still feels like winter in Denmark and I just wear pretty much the same things as I did this day, I decided on posting them. 🙂 And I also thought that Iron Girl sweater is so cool that it deserves a post. 🙂

The photos were taken in front of Emporia shopping mall in Malmø, my favorite hang out place when the weather is cold and windy. 🙂


WP_20140202_13_09_19_Pro (450x800) WP_20140202_13_11_40_Pro (450x800) WP_20140202_13_09_35_Pro (450x800) WP_20140202_13_09_47_Pro (450x800) WP_20140202_13_07_02_Pro (450x800) WP_20140202_13_08_36_Pro (800x450)

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