Bye Bye San Francisco

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And here are the last photos from our visit to San Francisco. Of course we couldn’t leave this city without stopping at its most iconic sight – the Golden Gate bridge. We were so lucky that the weather was simply amazing and the view was breathtaking.

After saying a proper bye to San Francisco we continued driving back to Las Vegas but since the day was gorgeous we decided to stop at Muri Woods and enjoy some time in the nature. We did the longest tracking path and it was so energizing.

My doggy loafers proved to be very convenient for tracking as well and they got a lot of attention from other people doing the track since I guess these loafers aren’t the most common shoes for this activity. But I had to do it my way. 🙂

And now the photos. 🙂 Enjoy!!!

WP_20140122_13_28_48_Pro (800x450) WP_20140122_13_29_33_Pro (800x450)WP_20140122_13_43_22_Pro (800x450)  WP_20140122_13_51_31_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_13_40_36_Pro (800x450) WP_20140122_13_55_33_Pro (800x450) WP_20140122_15_06_20_Pro (800x450) WP_20140122_14_50_29_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_14_32_01_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_14_56_47_Pro (800x450) WP_20140122_15_10_30_Pro (800x450) WP_20140122_15_18_58_Pro (800x450) WP_20140122_14_39_50_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_15_34_41_Pro (450x800)

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