San Francisco – Japanese tea garden

WP_20140122_12_31_06_Pro (450x800)

Our second day in San Francisco was booked for a visit to the Japanese tea garden that is located inside the Golden Gate Park or The Park as the San Fran people call it. 🙂 The weather was very sunny so it was a perfect time for a day in nature.

The Japanese tea garden is def a must if you are in San Francisco. It is such a lovely and peaceful place and their green tea cheesecake is a big MUST. 🙂

Since the photos speak louder than words I will leave you now to enjoy the Japanese tea garden through my lens.:)

I also took some photos of the outfit I was wearing. My Falabella bag is still my favorite accessory and I just love how it goes with everything.The doggie loafers added a bit of quirky twist to the whole combination, which was a very cool touch.:) This outfit was perfect also for what was to come next – road trip. We spent the rest of the day on the road as this was our last day in San Fran and we started driving to Las Vegas after our visit to the park.

WP_20140122_12_19_54_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_12_21_45_Pro (800x450) WP_20140122_12_23_21_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_12_26_10_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_12_26_44_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_12_25_06_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_12_35_34_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_12_35_52_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_12_46_15_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_12_28_19_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_12_28_34_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_12_28_01_Pro (800x450) WP_20140122_13_05_51_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_13_07_50_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_13_06_00_Pro (800x450) WP_20140122_13_12_03_Pro (450x800) WP_20140122_13_13_38_Pro (450x800)

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