A walk up the Hollywood hills

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We decided that the only appropriate way to end our visit to LA would be with a visit to one of the most iconic symbols of this city for me – the Hollywood sign.  So, after taking a ride up to the Observatory and a small hike – we were there – the closest we could get to the iconic sign that just screams LA.

The view of the whole city was simply breathtaking and that is certainly a place where you get the best overview of how enormous this city actually is.

I also took the opportunity of the nice weather to take photos of one of the latest additions to my wardrobe that Im totally in love with- Isabel Marant dress. It just goes so well with everything and I especially loved how it matched my souvenir tee that best describes how I feel about this city.

We ended our visit to LA with a fun night at the Laugh factory, a place that gave this world many great comedians. What can I say except, it was totally hilarious. I didn’t even know that I could laugh for 4 consecutive hours. 🙂


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