The one and only Sin City – Las Vegas :)

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I just got back from the most amazing trip I have ever been to – a road trip through the West Coast of US. There were so many different things we did, so many different stuff that we experienced that I think it will take me quite a while to process all of it, so I better get on it. 🙂

We started our US adventure with the most incredible city I have ever visited – Las Vegas. It definitely lives up to its nickname of Sin City. This is a city where time literally stops and money flies. 🙂 It took us only few hours to come up with this conclusion. 🙂

This city is definitely made to wow you and take your breath away with all its lights at the very first encounter.

It is a city that never sleeps and when I write this I literally mean  never. You can do whatever you want at whatever time of the day or night. The things never shut down at Las Vegas. It is like a never ending party and you feel like not sleeping and taking rest, so that you don’t, by any chance miss out on something.

The interesting thing is that the casinos don’t have any visible clocks anywhere so you never know what time it is, they also enhance the air with the oxygen so you never feel sleepy. 🙂 Trying to find the exit sign in the casino area can be a bit challenging as well.

But Las Vegas is not all about casinos and gentlemen’s clubs. There is so many different things that this city has to offer that everyone can find something they will enjoy. They have some of the best performers ever having shows on daily basis that are definitely not to be missed and some of the best restaurants. We managed to dine at some of them as Nobu, Gordon Ramsay and Sugar Factory that is literally the sweetest restaurant I have ever been to. 🙂 I guess it also goes without saying that the shopping at Las Vegas is everything you could wish for.

One of the things that I found the most charming was the old town of Las Vegas. This is the area outside of the main strip and it was popular back in the days. I highly recommend visiting this part since it is so charming and it feels like going back in time and getting a vibe of old Las Vegas.

There is much more things that I would love to share with you, so small warning about the information and photos overload that is about to come. 🙂

WP_20140110_00_34_44_Pro (800x450)You can start gambling as soon as you land since the slots machines are the first thing that welcomes you after exiting the plane 🙂

WP_20140110_16_44_55_Pro (450x800)On the main stripWP_20140110_18_16_10_Pro (450x800)

All the shopping malls have clouds on the ceiling so you always feel like it is day time. One more trick to make the time stop. 🙂

WP_20140110_16_42_20_Pro (450x800)

You can literally get everything you could ever imagine in this city and one of the things is a lollipop designed by the celebrities. I got one designed by Britney Spears. 🙂WP_20140110_16_31_52_Pro (800x450)

There is also the world largest gummi bear. 🙂WP_20140110_00_46_12_Pro (450x800)

The biggest shoe ever and most impressive chandelier that is actually a bar. 🙂WP_20140110_03_04_22_Pro (800x450)

You can visit so many different cities in Las Vegas, New York is one of them. 🙂WP_20140111_00_13_35_Pro (450x800)

In the old townWP_20140111_00_39_33_Pro (800x450)

WP_20140111_00_29_53_Pro (450x800)

In front of infamous Heart Attack where they serve 10.000 calories burger called Bypass.:) Interesting thing is that if one weighs enough, he/she can eat for free. 🙂WP_20140111_02_15_45_Pro (450x800)

I tried my luck with Sex and the City slot machine and won. Yaaay!!! I knew Sex and the city wouldn’t fail me. 🙂WP_20140110_13_40_40_Pro (450x800)

The hot tub in our hotel room was a perfect cure for hangover from the night before 🙂WP_20140112_11_20_01_Pro (800x450)

The best thing ever – Reese’s peanut butter cup cocktailWP_20140112_15_57_55_Pro (450x800)

One more shopping mall. 🙂WP_20140112_11_40_12_Pro (800x450)

Lunch time at Sugar FactoryWP_20140123_23_06_23_Pro (450x800)

Magnificent fountain in front of BellagioWP_20140123_23_11_41_Pro (800x450)

Feel like going to Paris? 🙂 In Las Vegas it is only few minutes away.:)WP_20140123_23_17_21_Pro (800x450) WP_20140123_23_20_35_Pro (800x450) WP_20140123_23_15_09_Pro (450x800) WP_20140112_19_35_17_Pro (450x800)

Super tasty dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s. It def lived up to the expectations.WP_20140124_23_30_28_Pro (450x800)

Some more sugar at New York hotelWP_20140125_00_05_14_Pro (450x800)

Totally in love with these lightsWP_20140124_23_49_52_Pro (800x450) WP_20140125_00_05_40_Pro (800x450)

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