Istanbul – a city to visit

DSC_0464 (532x800)

In September my hubby and I took a trip to Istanbul to attend a wedding of one of our very good friends. I just got around to sorting out the photos and I thought it would be fun to share them even though it has been some while since the trip. But better late then never 🙂

This was one of the cities that def took me by surprise. I heard lots of things about it, but nothing did it justice once when you make it there. It is enormous, buzzing and it is def city that never sleeps. Istanbul is a city which def has a lot to offer, in terms of interesting sights, great markets&very good shopping, delicious food and amazing night life. It was quite fascinating to walk back home from a wedding that we attended at 3 am and discover that the streets are just as busy as during the day.

These photos were taken first day of our visit in Taksim area, which is also part of the city in which we were staying. Since there photos were taken straight after we landed, you can also see my travelling outfit and my tired edition.:) My main thing while travelling is to be comfy while also being stylish, and this Designer Remix dress was a perfect choice for it.

Since there is so many things I want to share with you regarding this trip and my Istanbul experience, make sure you stay tuned for all the interesting things that are to come. 🙂


DSC_0454 (532x800)

DSC_0445 (800x532) DSC_0457 (532x800) DSC_0446 (800x532) DSC_0459 (532x800) DSC_0460 (532x800) DSC_0467 (532x800) DSC_0470 (532x800)DSC_0450 (532x800)DSC_0461 (532x800) DSC_0473 (800x532) DSC_0482 (532x800) DSC_0480 (532x800) DSC_0488 (532x800) DSC_0494 (800x532)

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