Halloween hygge

DSC_1067 (532x800)

As I mentioned before, one of my fave things during the autumn is Halloween. It is such a fun tradition and it is one more thing I embraced by moving to Denmark.

Usually every year I would either host a party or go to one. But def one of the best and the craziest one that I experienced was in New York. It was 2 years ago and I’m sure that no matter what I write I can’t do it a justice. The streets were closed down and there was a big Halloween parade with the most amazing and scary costumes ever. I was a Wonderwoman 🙂 And after the parade almost the whole city ended up at the same afterparty which was so cool. So, if ever in New York around the Halloween time, make sure you get yourself a fun costume and join the Halloween craziness. 🙂

Since this year I’m not going to be in New York for Halloween but Berlin, I went few days ago to get my Halloween fix at the amusement park here in Copenhagen – Tivoli. It is specially decorated for this holiday and it was so much fun.

I managed to snap some photos of the atmosphere and my outfit. I tried to keep it within the Halloween theme with some orange and black. 🙂


P.S.  If you wonder what hygge means you could get more explanation here.

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