Welcome to Saint Tropez :)

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One of the trips that I took this year was my annual posh retreat, as I call it, to Saint Tropez. 🙂 This is def one of my favorite places in the whole world. Ever since I visited it for the first time 3 years ago, I keep coming back every summer. 🙂 Simply, there is no other place like this one that is at the same time so small and cozy and that gives you the opportunity to experience some of the things that you thought would never happen. In my case that is bumping into Karl Lagerfeld on the street second year in a row, partying with a live snake in a club or almost crashing into a Rolls Royce while trying to leave the parking lot. 🙂

Despite its reputation of being pretentious, this is actually one of the most relaxed places I have ever been to. It might be hard to believe but no one cares how much money you have and everyone is just focused on enjoying their time in this charming place.

Since this is def my favorite shopping location in all of Europe, the first day was totally booked for it. 🙂 They have the best shops ever from major high-end brands to small boutique shops that hide real gems.

My biggest shopping surprise was the Chanel store. I have been to Chanel before but the shops looked more like tourist attractions then a high-end store. For example in Hong Kong we had to wait in line in order to get in. But in Saint Tropez, it was totally different. The store is located in a big mansion with a big back yard and a swimming pool. Even more surprising is that the store carries the runway looks and showcase pieces. For fashion lovers this is a true paradise. Needless to say, I was like a child in a candy store. 🙂

Of course I couldn’t resist and had to treat myself to some beauties as my early b-day gift. My b-day is in November, so it is totally justified, right? 🙂

Let me take you on a tour through Saint Tropez  🙂 Hope you will enjoy it! Remember to stay tuned since there are more fun things to come.

P.S. Of course my visit to this charming place had to start with some macaroons and a visit to the best macaroon place ever – Laduree. 🙂 and I had to do some croque monsieur as well while in France. 🙂

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Ooopssie!!! I know, too many bags 🙂 But that is what Saint Tropez does to a person. 🙂

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Successful day had to be ended with an award winning Mojito. 🙂 The bar tender in our hotel won the Mojito Championship in France. 🙂WP_20130901_065 (451x800)

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