Rainbow cake

DSC_0188 (532x800)

This was def one of the most shared cake images on social media lately and I kept wondering how it tastes. That’s why when I spotted it in one cute bakery in Barcelona I had to break my rule of not eating sweets and try it. I have to say it was worth it. I expected something very heavy and without much flavor since all that coloring seems artificial but it was so tasty and creamy that it was a true treat. This was also the day when we ended up walking around Barcelona for 7 hours, so I hope we managed to work it all off. Here are some photos of all the charming places and streets we visited.


P.S. We were constantly tempted by all the sweets. 😦 But I managed to resist and I got only the macaroon earrings in the cake shop.  So cute. 🙂

DSC_0135 (532x800)

DSC_0137 (532x800) DSC_0138 (800x532) DSC_0139 (532x800) DSC_0160 (800x532) DSC_0141 (532x800) DSC_0161 (800x532) DSC_0142 (800x532) DSC_0166 (800x532) DSC_0149 (532x800) DSC_0146 (532x800) DSC_0174 (532x800)  DSC_0129 (532x800)

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