Barbie day in Berlin :)

WP_20130707_012 (451x800)

Needless to say I was a huge Barbie fan when I was small. I had so many of them, and dressing them up was my fave activity. That’s why when I learned that a real life Barbie house opened up in Berlin this summer and that it would be there only until August,  I had to go and fulfill my childhood dream of being a Barbie for a day. My best friend was so nice to agree to drive with me all the way to Berlin for just a day, so that I can visit it. We drove 1142 km in 2 days, but we made it. Thank you so much for making this happen ❤

I had my perfect Barbie outfit ready and it was time to start my Barbie adventure.  I went back to being 6 year old again and the rest is history 🙂 I had one of the most amazing days ever. Since the photos speak louder than words I will let you enjoy my Barbie day.

WP_000105 (600x800)

WP_20130707_030 (451x800)

WP_20130707_142 (451x800)

WP_20130707_084 (451x800)

WP_20130707_095 (800x451)

WP_20130707_126 (451x800)

WP_20130707_161 (451x800)

WP_20130707_180 (800x451)

WP_20130707_195 (451x800)

WP_20130707_197 (451x800)

WP_20130707_201 (800x451)WP_20130707_218 (451x800)WP_20130707_232 (451x800)WP_20130707_250 (451x800)

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